Taeyeon’s Fans Put Special Ad on Newspaper for Her Birthday

On March 9, Taeyeon’s fans placed a special advertisement in a newspaper to celebrate her 25th birthday.

In the ad, it states, “You cry for love, and therefore you are love. You smile as you sing, and therefore you are happiness. Happy Birthday Taeyeon. On March 9, 2013, we would like to wish Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon a happy birthday. You will always be our girl. We love you very very very much. We are SONEs, and we will always love and support Girls’ Generation. [SONEs’ Love and Happiness] Taeyeon, what more can we say.”

In addition, fans have recently also placed a birthday message on a public bus for Taeyeon’s birthday, as well as a huge graffiti-art tribute to her.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has started their second nationwide Japanese tour in February 2013.