Younha Says She Finds Healing in “Music, Radio DJing And Baking”

Singer Younha recently met with @Star1 for a photoshoot and interview. The singer opened up about her past hardships and how she strives to connect with her fans both through music and through “Starry Night” the radio show. 

She began by saying, “The year before last, I went through a lot. Whenever things got rough, I turned to music and my radio program that I currently deejay. I found it fascinating how regardless of age or profession – I could somehow form a strong bond of empathy with someone I had never met in person before. I think it’s dangerous for someone to shut out the world when they’re going through something tough. That’s why I always tell people to never isolate themselves but get out and meet people.”

In regards to a future album release, she explained, “I learned that it doesn’t really matter whether the song is well-composed or sung beautifully. Unless it touches someone or carries a meaningful message, it won’t be as successful. So artists not only have to produce music that they like, but music that speaks to people. And I think that’s what I find so healing about music. However, I would never force anyone to listen to the music I like. I would just tell them, ‘This is music that I like. Please listen to it.’ So for my next album, I hope to grow closer with my fans by communicating with them through my music.”

When asked where she finds solace and healing she replied, “Music, deejaying for ‘Starry Night’ and baking bread! The smell of freshly baked bread always cheers me up. Although it’s not often, I try to get friends together to bake some bread. It take around 3-4 hours to prepare and bake, but during that time we catch up, drink, sing and make a ruckus.”

When asked where she would like to go if given a month to do anything she wanted, Younha replied without hesitation, “I’d love to go on a trip to Europe! After deejaying for two years, I haven’t been able to travel at all. I don’t want just any comfortable vacation, but the kind where you have to travel by foot to go sightseeing.”