G-Dragon Looks Sexier When Tired?

G-Dragon shows no sign of sleep deprivation other than a sexy, sleepy scowl?

On March 8, he tweeted the photo with the brief caption, “I’m tired.”

G-Dragon sports a flattering hairstyle and once again showcases his impeccable fashion taste with a bold printed collared shirt and what appears to be a black sweater vest with a zipper accessory. Nothing could ever look tacky or cheesy on G-Dragon. From the angle the photo was taken, G-Dragon’s charismatic look he shoots at the camera is bound to set more than one heart a-flutter.

Netizens who saw the photo made a flurry of comments such as, “G-Dragon, you are so cute and sexy. You just look good in everything”, “How come you look even sexier when you’re tired?” and “G-Dragon, I feel like there isn’t a hairstyle in the world that looks bad on you!” 

G-Dragon will be setting off on his solo world tour “One of A Kind” starting March 30 and 31 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.