Se7en Apologizes to PSY, “I Did Not Know He Would Be a World Star…”

On March 10, Se7en tweeted an apology to PSY, “I didn’t know that PSY would become a world star T_T I’m so sorry ^^” and uploaded a photo of Se7en playfully spraying water on PSY’s head with a water bottle. 

PSY tweeted back saying, “Hahahaha you look as though you’re watering a plant or something Mr. Choi!”

As a sweet gesture between label mates, PSY gave Se7en a flower basket for his final concert “Thank U” before he enlists to the army on March 19. The ribbons were printed with the message, “Come back safely Choi Lee Byung! Time flies!”

Se7en thanked him saying, “PSY hung~ thank you very much!^^” to which PSY responded, “Hehe, of course~ Out of any of the artists, hyung knows what you are going through the most!”