GLAM Talks About Their Newfound Sisterhood

On February 5, girl group Glam recently gave an interview with TV Report after 200 days since their debut. Although they lost a member and debuted as a 4 member group, they grew closer than ever and had many stories to share. Glam stands for “Girls Be Ambitious” and is comprised of leader Ji Yeon, Dahee, Zinni and youngest member Miso. Below is the transcript of their candid chat with TV Report.

Glam members kicked off their interview with a roundtable discussion and began by talking about their hit track “I Like That.”

Ji Yeon: “It’s been a little over 200 days since we debuted. How do you guys feel about that?”

Dahee: “I think the more it starts to feel real, you become more anxious. I think your sense of ambition also grows. Once you get off stage, you start thinking about all the things you could have done better.”

Zinni: “It’s crazy how fast the days fly by.”

Miso: “I never thought things would turn out the way they did. I’ve trained with different unnies before, went through several member changes, concept switches and then met you unnies. I find it fascinating how it all came to work out in the end.”

Ji Yeon: “How did you ladies feel when you were first introduced to ‘I Like That’?”

Dahee: “Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was a huge question mark. I thought to myself, ‘What is this?'”

Zinni: “When I heard the sampling of “Why You,” I wondered how we would make it our own. Once I saw the choreography, I was sold.”

Miso: “This was a song that came out way before even I was born. Since I had no idea whose song it was, I found it all the more fun to learn. It was also great to have Shin Chul rooting for us too.” 

Zinni: “It surprised me that a melody composed 20 years ago could be a hit today.”

Dahee: “To top it off, Shin Chul gave us some great advice. It wasn’t just ‘Break a leg’ but ‘Go out there and show your energy!'” (Laugh) 

The girls also spoke about working with Director Bang Shi Hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment, who wrote “Bless U” and trained the girls for three years before their debut. 

Miso: “Director Bang Shi Hyuk is known for being a little harsh with his words. But I think after clips of my audition where I’m getting scold were brought to light, he’s been taking it easy on me ever since. When I arrive a little late to practice, he just treats me with warmth and always has great advice to give.”

Ji Yeon: “That’s right. He always makes sure to explain everything to us in a way that we can all understand. Along with his warm gaze.”

Dahee: “I guess that sort of makes him our father in a way?” (Laugh)

Zinni: “I agree!” (Laugh)

Dahee: “If you think about it, our personalities are all so different and that’s probably why we’re able to get along like one big family.” 

Ji Yeon: “I like that we act as though we’re all sisters. We used to be lonely, but now we’ve gained each other as sisters.”

Miso: “Everyone’s sense of style also differs. We never have any problems with ownership because we all like different things.”

Zinni: “Hanging out with you girls makes me feel young. It’s like I’m starting to forget how old I really am! Being able to debut with you girls has made my goals as an artist ever more vivid and clear. I hope we can always have each other and laugh together like we do now.”

Dahee: “Me too! But there might still be people out there who misunderstand if we’re quiet and not showing this energetic and happy side to us.”

Zinni: “You’re right, we can’t always be this loud and cheerful. Maybe that image doesn’t entirely suit us.”

Ji Yeon: “Yeah, I guess we can’t help that. Let’s try to be the kind of group that shows great manners to others and remembers to have fun in a true, noisy fashion!”

In other news, GLAM will release their new single and music video for “In Front of the Mirror” will be released today. 

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