Park Shi Hoo’s “A” Claimed a Man Impregnated Her 2 Years Ago + Friend “B” Apologizes to Park Shi Hoo

It has been revealed that Park Shi Hoo‘s accuser “A” had claimed that a man impregnated her two years ago.

On March 9, JTBC reported that “A” had sexual relations with a man two years ago and afterwards, told her friend, “I think I am pregnant.” At that, her friend apparently demanded that the man take responsibility for “A.”

The man that “A” had sexual relations with two years ago spoke with JTBC and said, “After spending the night with ‘A,’ she claimed that she was pregnant not even a day later. When she said that I should take responsibility, it meant that she wanted money,” and “There were a lot of similarities between my case and Park Shi Hoo’s case.” It is known that Park Shi Hoo and this man has met up and spoken with each other.

The broadcast also revealed texts messages between “A” and her friend. Her friend said, “If you’re gonna get money, get it in the 100 million won range. If you’re gonna take revenge, bring him down completely.” To that, “A” responded, “I’ll think about it.” Then her friend said, “I bet he’ll offer 1 billion won. It’s a big one. Keep this a secret. This unni will protect you.”

Previously, the full conversation between rookie actor “K” and “A” was revealed. During the conversation, “A” mentioned, “I still don’t feel good. I hope I didn’t get knocked up because of that [sex with Park Shi Hoo].”

Meanwhile, “A”s other friend “B” (the one who spoke with the media and claimed that Park Shi Hoo drugged “A”) recently offered her apologies to Park Shi Hoo.

“B” spoke with Sports Seoul on March 11 and said, “I completely believed in everything ‘A’ told me on the day after of the happening. But I really didn’t know she would be lying,” and “Because of her lies, I got hurt and Park Shi Hoo got hurt too.” She continued, “If Park Shi Hoo got hurt because of me, I sincerely want to apologize.”

Friend “B” was investigated twice for this case. Since “B” came into the picture, she was caught up in rumors that she was scheming things with Park Shi Hoo’s previous agency’s CEO and that she was going to ask for 1 billion won and split it.

“B” expressed that even her parents were going through tough times because of this. She said, “When I heard from ‘A’ that she was raped by Park Shi Hoo, as an unni, I couldn’t just stay still. She is my close friend and we were very close for the past four years without any problems. So naturally, I believed everything she said,” and “But after the police investigations and the Kakao Talk conversations were revealed, I realized that ‘A’ was lying to me.”

“B” added, “I only believed in ‘A’ because she was my close friend for four years. But in the end, I think I hurt Park Shi Hoo,” and “I’m not even involved in this case but it is clearly my fault for defaming Park Shi Hoo. If I have a chance, I really want to apologize to him,” and “I hope the truth finds this case as soon as possible.”