G-Dragon Used to Take Ballet Lessons as a Child

During the recent filming of the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Thank you,” which will be aired on March 15, Big Bang’s G-Dragon showed his respect to ballerina Kang Soo Jin and shared his embarrassing childhood story.

G-Dragon revealed, “Briefly, I used to take ballet lessons when I was very young.”

He continued, “My mother dragged me to the ballet school even though I didn’t want to. Then at the school, the teacher made me wear what the girls wore. They were a pair of pink tights and ballet tutu. I was so embarrassed I cried and refused to continue.”

Netizens that heard this news commented, “What an unfortunate memory for G-Dragon,” “Ballet somehow suits him. I think G-Dragon would have been a good ballet dancer,” “I found that story really funny.”