Lee Byung Hun Agreed to Appear on “Healing Camp” Due to Lee Min Jung’s Recommendation

During the recent episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” which aired on March 11, actor Lee Byung Hun appeared as a special guest. On the show, he revealed, “Lee Min Jung recommended that I should go on ‘Healing Camp.’”

Lee Byung Hun explained, “Lee Min Jung is a big fan of this show. She knows very well what I am like. I can sometimes be very private, and I have difficult time opening myself up to others.”

He continued, “I thought that it was time for me to let people know what kind of person I really am. Because I have led a secretive life for 22 years, people tend to make up rumors about me. Not just about my acting life, but also about me as a person. A lot of the stories about me are exaggerated, and makes me look like a completely different person than I really am.”

Lee Byung Hun also added, “Lee Min Jung said that when she appeared on this show, it helped her a lot. She told me that it will help me as well.”