Eun Ji Won Slightly Refers to His Recent Divorce

Eun Ji Won talked a bit about his feelings regarding his recent divorce for the first time on television. On March 11 broadcast of MBC’s “You Are My Proxy Angel,” Eun Ji Won, Yoon Do Hyun, Tak Jae Hoon, and Goo Hara were the MCs.

On the show, Yoon Do Hyun stated, “Our program speaks out on the behalf of all the people who want to say something but do not have the chance to.”

Right when Yoon Do Hyun said that he asked Eun Ji Won, “Aren’t there a lot of things you wanted to say but can’t really say?” (This was regarding Eun Ji Won’s recent divorce) At this tatement Eun Ji Won replied, “Usually I talk about everything that I want to, but nowadays I am restraining myself.”