Comedian Huh Kyung Hwan and Gymnast Shin Soo Ji Are Dating

Recently, it was announced that comedian Huh Kyung Hwan (32) and gymnast Shin Soo Ji (22) have been dating for past five months.

Their dating rumor started in October 2012, but both sides denied it at the time. In the past when the rumor was mentioned on KBS’s “Happy Together,” Huh Kyung Hwan stated, “It was just me who was interested in her. Perhaps if this scandal didn’t happen, we might have developed a relationship.” At the time, a representative of Shin Soo Ji also announced, “They became friends when they met on TV programs. They are both very social people, and so they became close friends and I think people just misunderstood.”

Recently, however, a representative of Huh Kyung Hwan admitted that they are indeed dating. Also, Shin Soo Ji accompanied him earlier this month when he visited Japan for Park Hae Jin’s fan meeting.

An official from “Gag Concert” stated, “When Huh Kyung Hwan is in a relationship, he is a very responsible and manly boyfriend. I think Shin Soo Ji fell in love with this side of him. There is a large age gap, but they look great together.”