Kim Sung Min Tears Up While Talking about Secret Marriage and Drug Conviction on tvN “Taxi”

Actor Kim Sung Min appeared on tvN “Talk Show Taxi” and talked about his secret marriage and drug scandal rather frankly. This is his first variety show appearance since he was convicted of illegal drug use two years ago. On this episode of “Taxi,” Kim Sung Min opened up honestly and earnestly about his secret marriage. 

He said that when he first started dating his girlfriend, who is now his wife, he was very much attracted to her. So he asked her, “Will you by my Soju drinking buddy for the rest of my life?” and was able to win her as his bride within three months. Moreover, the secret wedding was also a surprise wedding for everyone. Kim Sung Min explained, “I originally had a birthday party planned and I thought it’d be nice to have my wedding with friends and family there at my birthday party. So, all the people who came to my wedding thought they were coming to another birthday party.” 

In talking about his stories, Kim Sung Min could not hold back his tears. He was especially resentful about the wedding. He said, “We didn’t even take wedding photos. All we have of that day is some pictures and video clips taken by my friends’ and colleagues’ cellphones.”