2PM’s Taecyeon Shows Off His Ring

On his Twitter on March 12, group 2PM’s Taecyeon uploaded a photo along with a message, “My parents bought this for me~ I found this after two years and so I am going to start wearing it again. Please do not make up rumors about it~ Huh huh huh.”

In the picture is Taecyeon showing off a ring he is wearing on his left hand index finger. With his playful expression on his face, Taecyeon looks adorable in this selca.

Netizens that saw this photo commented, “Taecyeon’s ring selca looks cute,” “He must have been worried that people might make up rumors of that ring being a couple ring,” “His expression is so funny.”

In other news, Taecyeon is to be the “pretend husband” to Taiwanese idol Wu Ying Jie on the international version of MBC’s reality show “We Got Married.”