Actor Lee Sung Jae Involved in Car Accident + Resumes Filming

It’s been belatedly revealed that actor Lee Sung Jae has been involved in a car accident.

On March 13, his agency stated, “Lee Sung Jae was on his way to Jeju Island to film for ‘Book of the House of Gu’ when he got involved in a car accident.” The other driver crashed into the car Lee Sung Jae was in and it turned out that the former was an unlicensed driver who drove under the influence.

Lee Sung Jae’s manager was driving at the time and he was checked at a hospital. Lee Sung Jae also visited the hospital to make sure there weren’t internal injuries and immediately returned to the filming site. However, many are worried that the accident would increase his risk of re-injury. Lee Sung Jae previously was involved in an accident where he dislocated his shoulder during the filming of MBC’s weekend drama ‘Rascal Sons.’”

His agency continued, “Many people are surprised that he has suddenly got in an accident, but it wasn’t a big accident and he bravely handled it. We are worried about his shoulder since it hasn’t been long since he injured it, but “Book of the House of Gu” will continue filming in Jeju Island and “Rascal Sons” will be filmed in Seoul and he decided to continue filming both.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Jae will try his hand at a historical drama with “Book of the House of Gu” after 16 years in the industry. The drama will make its premiere in April and will also feature Lee Seung Gi, miss A’s Suzy and Lee Yeon Hee.