DMTN’s Daniel Leaves “Pop in Seoul” Due to Marijuana Scandal?

Whether it’s a coincidence or a result of his marijuana scandal, DMTN’s Daniel will leave his position on cable channel ArirangTV’s “Pops in Seoul” after being a host on the program for over a year.

On March 13, his agency made their statement regarding his leave, “We believe that continuing with the program while he’s currently being investigated will create problems to the production staff and others. That’s the reason why we came up with this decision.”

His agency continued, “Daniel feels remorseful regarding what happened and he will have time to reflect on his actions.”

On March 12, an arrest warrant was issued for his illegal possession of marijuana. You can read the agency’s official statement here.

Later, on March 13, an official from “Pops in Seoul” gave a phone interview with Wstarnews, “Daniel finished filming his last episode last Monday with ‘Pops in Seoul.’ His filming parts will be aired until this Saturday.”

The official further added, “The broadcasting station didn’t demand [for his resignation], but we respected the agency’s decision to withdraw him. Before his marijuana scandal broke out on March 12, his agency mentioned about him leaving the program. They said that he will have a time off after finishing up his programs. We already knew that he will leave.”