Park Shi Hoo and “A” Both Take a Lie Detector Test

Currently the big question for Park Shi Hoo is: “When is it all going to stop?” Park Shi Hoo was questioned for rape, and then Park Shi Hoo counter-sued “A” for defamation. Park Shi Hoo’s side is arguing that rape did not happen while the other side is claiming rape. As the next stage of this long and drawn out courtroom drama, Park Shi Hoo and “A” were taken in to be questioned with a lie detector.

First, the girl who claims she was raped appeared to be questioned on March 13 at 8:45am. Park Shi Hoo arrived to get questioned around 9:30am on the same day. Neither of them answered any questions asked by the press.

The results of the lie detector will be revealed in a week. However, it cannot be used as a legal evidence but it will still be used as supplemental information for the investigation.

Stay tuned to for more updates regarding the Park Shi Hoo case!