Be Wary of Suzy’s Eyes Because She Will Control You!!

When cats stare at you, it is quite a cute and interesting experience. It is cute because cats look adorable. The reason why it is interesting is that cats believe that they are your owners, not the other way around. Well, it looks like miss A’s Suzy has taken it one way further, and she is pretty much controlling people with her beautiful eyes and stare.

It’s hard to tell what the source of Suzy’s power is. Her look is both cute, full of wonder, innocent, and beautiful all at the same time.

An online community recently put together a collage of pictures showing Suzy’s “controlling look.” (The pictures actually look more like they would melt any man, on the spot) The title of the post was, “Suzy is currently training men with her eyes.”

What do you think, could you resist those eyes?