Yoo Seung Ho Is a Manly Military Man in Recent Photo

Recently on March 12 on the official website of 27th Division Recruit Center, a photo of actor Yoo Seung Ho was uploaded.

In the picture is Yoo Seung Ho during a training session as he receives a firearm. He looks serious and manly with a determined expression on his face.

Netizens that saw this photo admired, “His eyes look very alive,” “He looks so handsome here,” “Yoo Seung Ho looks like he grew up a lot since his enlistment,” “I am sure he will do very well,” “We will all wish for your safe return.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho entered the mandatory military service on March 5, 2013. After undergoing five weeks of basic training at this recruit center, he will be serving a total of 21 months.