Kim Hee Sun Looks Beautiful in Trench Coats for “JLook” Pictorial

Recently for the March issue of the fashion pictorial “JLook,” actress Kim Hee Sun had a photoshoot in London, England.

In trench coats of various designs, Kim Hee Sun shows off professional poses and expressions. In one photo, she looks feminine in a brown trench coat with her wavy hair down as she gazes at the camera with a longing expression on her face. On another photo, Kim Hee Sun looks chic in a black coat with a large pair of matching sunglasses. In all the pictures, Kim Hee Sun is classically beautiful.

An official from the photoshoot later revealed that Kim Hee Sun was able to perfectly showcase various trench coats, impressing everyone at the set.

Meanwhile, complete pictorial and the unreleased photos of Kim Hee Sun can be found on the March issue of “JLook.”