“Gu Family Book” Co-Stars Suzy and Lee Yoo Bi Get Chummy

miss A‘s Suzy and actress Lee Yoo Bi‘s closeness is becoming a hot topic.

Recently, a post was made on an online community forum with the title, “Suzy and Gyun Miri‘s Daughter Were This Close?” This post contained photos of Suzy and Lee Yoo Bi, who is the daughter of the long-time actress, Gyun Miri. Lee Yoo Bi recently rose to popularity through the hit drama, “Nice Guy.”

The photos were from the script reading room of the upcoming MBC drama, “Gu Family Book.” Although the two actresses play roles that compete for Lee Seung Ki‘s affections in the drama, Suzy and Lee Yoo Bi seemed quite close off-screen.

In the revealed photos, Lee Yoo Bi spreads her arms for a hug toward Suzy. Suzy has a big smile on her face as she accepts the hug. When netizens saw these photos of them hugging, they showed interest in this unexpected close friendship.

Meanwhile, “Gu Family Book” is about a half-human, half-mythical creature Choi Kang Chi (played by Lee Seung Ki), struggling to live like a human. Lee Yoo Bi plays the role of Park Chung Jo, who competes against Suzy’s role of Dam Yeo Wool, for Lee Seung Ki’s affections.