BFF’s miss A’s Min and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Are Hipsters

miss A’s Min and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon are drawing the public’s interest again because of their close friendship and being total hipsters.

On March 14, Min posted a picture on her twitter with the short message in Korean and English, “with ma unnie.”

Inside the picture, Min and Hyoyeon balance fashion with practicality as they sport shades and cap. Min, in particular, angles her cap at a deep angle showing off what’s written underneath. They mismatch feminine and tomboy with printed dresses, solid color purses and dark chucks. They cooly pose with the victory sign in front of a swimming pool making many wonder whether they took a picture after one of their scheduled events or if they were just hanging out during their time off.

Netizens were unique in their comments, ranging from, “Shorties unite!” “Both are dancing killers,” “They are soo cool~”