Fans Ask for a Sequel to the Film “The New World”

The film “The New World” which stars Lee Jung Jae, Hwang Jung Min, and Choi Min Sik is doing very well in the Korean box office! The movie is about Korean gangsters and a police officer that is posing as a gangster. At the end of the film, a scene showed Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min’s character when they were younger.

Because of the popularity of “The New World” people who have watched the film are asking that a prequel be released that tells the story of Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min’s character 6 years before the plot of “The New World.”

The director of the film “Park Hoon Jung” stated that he considered “The New World” to be the middle of the full story. He stated that if he could make a sequel he would want to talk about the characters’ pasts.

If “The New World” has a prequel, it will be the first of its kind in Korean film history. Currently, “The New World” has amassed an audience of 350,000. For 4 weeks straight, it has been #1 in the Korean box office and #1 for movie ticket reservations.