Former SS501 member Heo Young Saeng has released his fun-to-watch music video for the title song “Art of Seduction” from his third mini album “Life” on March 13 through the official B2M Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Art of Seduction” is a catchy disco song with the quirky chorus line, “What do you think of Oppa?” The music video is about a delusional and obsessed fan who kidnaps Heo Young Saeng and starts to confuse fantasy for reality. Heo Young Saeng looks great with orange hair and eyeliner. One thing the music video gets right is how excited the fan gets over watching Heo Young Saeng on TV. If you love an Oppa, you probably reacted the same way when a new music video came out.

The third mini album “Life” will be released on March 14.