T-ara’s Eunjung Left Behind at Rest Stop For Over an Hour?

While promoting “Bunny Love,” T-ara‘s Eunjung was accidentally left behind at a Sendai rest stop after completing promotional activities there. 

When the staff and the rest of the T-ara members piled into the van, they assumed Eunjung was with them and did not discover her absence until about 15 minutes later. 

Eunjung cheerfully made the most out of the mishap and shared, “I sent the hour waiting for the car looking around and appreciating the piles of snow you rarely see back in Korea! Some of the locals recognized me and asked for pictures. I also requested a favor from them to take pictures of me next to the snow.”

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “T-ara’s Eunjung must have been so cold!”, “Did this happen because they have too many members? She must have been really shocked by the situation” and “Oh wow, she almost became a missing person in Japan.”

In related news, T-ara returned to Korea on March 10 and will be resuming activities in Thailand on March 14.