Younha to Collaborate With Naul For Comeback

Singer Younha will be collaborating with Naul for “It’s Not Like That” on March 22. 

The song was written and composed by Naul and is about the pain a separated couple goes through. Younha’s sweet and tender vocals will be attending to the emotionally evocative lyrics of the song. 

Younha has previously collaborated with many well-known artists before, such as Yoo Hee Yul, Harim, Hweesung, Tablo, Jo Kyu Chan and Kim Bum Soo. Naul will be the next big name to add to her impressive list of collaborators. 

Younha’s agency stated, “Younha’s upcoming album will feature a unique array of tracks that will feature collaboration’s with the nation’s best artists. While we are in the final stages of editing Younha’s highly anticipated album, we thank you for giving great attention and interest towards Younha.”