Who Wore It Better: Song Hye Gyo vs Girls’ Generation

It’s time for another edition of Who Wore It Better! This time it’s a fierce competition as both contenders are extremely beautiful and talented ladies: Song Hye Gyo and Girls’ Generation.

Recently, a post was made on an online community forum titled, “Song Hye Gyo vs. Girls’ Generation, Same Clothes, Different Feeling.” In the post, several pictures were uploaded that showed Song Hye Gyo and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Jessica wearing the same skirt and jacket.

In the photo, Song Hye Gyo is wearing a yellow-toned skirt and jacket to display her feminine charms. On the other hand, Yuri wore the jacket and Jessica wore the skirt as they mixed and matched the yellow pieces with other items. Although they are wearing the same clothing, all three of them display their own unique charms.

Netizens made comments such as, “It’s hard to say who wore it better,” “Wouldn’t Song Hye Gyo the goddess have the win?” “The Girls’ Generation members wore the pieces separately. I think they wore it more sensibly,” and more.

What do you think Soompiers? Who wore it better?