Actor Kwak Do Won’s past statement about Lee Yeon Hee‘s real-life personality is becoming a hot topic.

Recently, a post was made on an online community forum titled, “Lee Yeon Hee’s Real Personality As Told By Kwak Do Won,” which caught many eyes.

In the post, a screen capture of Kwak Do Won’s tweet from August of last year was uploaded. His tweet was about Lee Yeon Hee’s personality.

A Netizen tweeted at Kwak Do Won, “How is Lee Yeon Hee unni’s face in real life?” At this question, Kwak Do Won replied, “Yeon Hee does have a pretty face but her heart is a million times prettier than her face and her personality is ten million times better. This is the truth.”

This became a hot topic as Lee Yeon Hee was recently put under fire for having a bad attitude during a script reading session for the upcoming “Gu Family Book” drama. Lee Yeon Hee was captured on video as being the only one who did not clap during the script reading, which caused many netizens to criticize her.

However, Kwak Do Won’s old tweet says otherwise. Kwak Do Won worked with Lee Yeon Hee together as co-stars of the SBS drama, “Ghost.”