Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Mispronounced “Coke” As the Word for a Male Rooster?

Wonder GirlsYe Eun recently shared an embarrassing moment when she pronounced popular soft drink “Coke” the same way you would pronounce the word for…a male rooster?

On March 14, Ye Eun was asked on “Happy Together Season 3” whether she had encountered any problems with communication while promoting activities in the United States. 

Ye Eun began cautiously, “Is it okay if I share this on air?” and continued, “Well, I learned that only Koreans call Coca Cola, ‘cola.’ Those who live in the U.S. actually refer to it as ‘coke.’ As a Korean, I was used to pronouncing oh’s as uh’s and ended up pronouncing coke with an ‘uh’ and accidentally formed the English word for the male’s you-know-where…” causing the audience to erupt in laughter.