Lunafly to Hold Fan Meeting and Showcase in Indonesia and Malaysia

The talented rookie group Lunafly enjoyed a good time with fans through a music broadcast. On March 14, through the internet live broadcast platform Ustream, Lunafly opened up a social live music channel. They had the first broadcast of “Lunafly Music TV.” Throughout the first broadcast, there were hundreds of fans from all over the world that were leaving comments.

Lunafly answered the questions that appeared on the real-time chat room. The member Sam, who is from England helped interpret for the group and the fans.

Lunafly talked bout the upcoming showcase and fan meeting that will be held at the end of March in Malaysia and Indonesia. They stated, “Although we are very nervous, we would like to hurry up and meet our international fans. It has not been that long since we have debuted. We got this opportunity because of the fans. Thank you.”

The next “Lunafly Music TV” broadcast will be on March 28, after that it will continue to broadcast every two weeks on Thursday. You can see the official channel here: (