G-Dragon Posts Selca for “Hwashin” TV Show Appearance

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently took a picture of himself while at the filming site for the TV show “Hwashin.” On March 14, G-Dragon tweeted, “’Hwashin’ currently filming. Taking selcas.”

In the picture, G-Dragon is shown puckering his lips. He looks very mischievous in the picture. As you can see through the mirror, G-Dragon is dressed up very formally in a suit and striped tie.

On the same day, (White Day) G-Dragon made another tweet, that read “With D, Today.” It appears as though G-Dragon spent a sweet White Day with fellow Big Bang member Daesung. The tweet was accompanied with polaroid pictures of the two.

The full title of “Hwashin” is: “Hwashin – The person who controls hearts.” G-Dragon and Daesung appeared on the show together.

If you did not know already, White Day is March 14. Here is halves in unison’s awesome explanation about the day.

“It is a day where guys give girls white gifts (candies, chocolates or jewelry) and it’s celebrated in Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan on March 14- although, there are slight variations in each country. In South Korea, it’s mostly celebrated between lovers and some men will have a social obligation of gifting ladies with white gifts if he received a chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Many elementary students gift the whole class with candies while secondary school boys use this day as a great opportunity to confess to their crush.”

(While you are at it, check out the awesome gallery!)