G-Dragon: “I’ve Wandered and Made Mistakes Because of My Early Debut”

On the most recent episode of SBS “Thank You,” G-Dragon went on a short trip to Jeju island with world-renowned ballerina Kang Soo Jin, comedian Kim Mi Hwa, and actor Cha In Pyo and talked about various things that has been sitting on his mind. They talked about life under the title of “Is Your Life a Comedy or Tragedy?” 

G-Dragon answered, “My life is a comedy, of course. I’m so thankful to have experienced so much when I’m still so young. However, there are tragic moments in my life, too. I made my debut in my early teenage-hood. I started my career way too young and because of that, I’ve done much wandering and made my share of mistakes.”

Upon G-Dragon’s confession, Kang Soo Jin honestly and earnestly shared her experience of “hitting the bottom” in her life and how she sprung back up from there. This episode of “Thank You” also shared more details about Kang Soo Jin’s mentoring of G-Dragon and these four unlikely combination of celebrities’ healing trip to Jeju Island.