Kanghee’s Family Background Garners Attention

The most recent episode of tvN “E News” showed celebrities with unexpected family backgrounds. ZE:A‘s Kwanghee made it onto this list of celebrities with a civil servant father and an ex-nurse mother, both of whom were very enthusiastic about Kwanghee’s education.

Previously, Kwanghee garnered much attention for stating, “When I was young, I did over-the-phone English tutoring with a native English speaker and watched foreign animation without Korean subtitles to train my English. Also, my extracurricular activities included art, piano, and Tae Kwon Do.” Moreover, Kwanghee’s relatives are known to have diverse occupations that require a high level of education such as professors and journalists.

Netizens commented on this revelation, “Kwanghee’s family background is not what I expected,” “Now I see why Kwanghee’s family background garnered so much attention,” “Frankly, I am a little jealous of his family,” and “So Kwanghee’s talent must come from all these family members?”