Kangta Gives BoA Advice Regarding SBS “K-Pop Star”

On the most recent episode of YTN “News 12,” Kangta appeared and talked about his experience of being a coach on Mnet “Voice of Korea.” Kangta stated, “I decided to join the show as a coach because I was really drawn to its special charm, which is to help contestants refine themselves.” 

When asked, “Your agency-mate BoA is currently a judge on SBS ‘K-Pop Star 2.’ Do you guys talk about your different judging experiences at all?” Kangta responded that he and BoA often discuss matters that they find difficult to deal with or need special attention together. 

He added, “I understand that judging contestants on the behalf of the whole SM Entertainment could be a huge pressure for BoA. I coach my team under my own name, but BoA’s in a different situation. She must be stressed out. But I tell her to not let it pressure her too much. I always tell her that she’s doing great.”