BoA Wishes Her Brother Was More Like Oh Soo from “That Winter, The Wind Blows”

Superstar BoA entertained fans of the popular show,That Winter, The Wind Blowsby tweeting her brother this week, music video director Kwon Soon Wook. Mimicking the tone of Song Hye Gyo‘s character Oh Young, she asks him, “Oppa~ Even though you’re an oppa as well, why are you so different from Oh Soo?” referring to Jo In Sung‘s character in the drama, who plays Oh Young’s fake but loving long-lost brother.

Her brother’s response of, “My little sister watches too many dramas. I’m worried about her,” was met with a playful “*Gasp* Why don’t you just come home early? Oppa, you can watch it online,” which drew much laughter from those who followed the conversation.

As always, netizens chimed in with their own comments, ranging from “Boa’s so cute, even she watches ‘That Winter'” to “My brother is different from Oh Soo as well” and “Their brother-sister relationship is so sweet.”

BoA is currently representing SM Entertainment as a judge on the popular audition show, “K-pop Star 2,” while “That Winter, The Wind Blows” continues to enjoy its first place reign in the Wednesday-Thursday drama lineup, easily beating out “IRIS2” and “Level 7 Civil Servant.”