Davichi Opens Up About Heartbreak, Alcohol Tolerance and Their Comeback Album “Mystic Ballad 1990”

The girls of Davichi are back with their second album “Mystic Ballad 1990” after being on hiatus for about 2 years!

5dollsHyoyoung was featured in their comeback track “Turtle” as a reincarnated Marilyn Monroe, which excited fans with the unique music video concept paired with Davichi’s beautiful ballad.

Lee Hye Ri and Kang Min Kyung recently revealed their “Coming Soon Interview” in which both singers took turns being the interviewer. They mercilessly teased each other about how high their alcohol tolerances were, who they were thinking of when recording “Just the Two of Us.” In addition, they tackled other questions about which artists will be featured on their second album, whether Davichi will manage to distinguish themselves apart from “a flood of idol groups” and what strengths they appreciate about each other.

Check out the interview below!