Song Hye Gyo Claims She Has “Oh Soo Fever” Too

On March 14, actress Song Hye Gyo, actor Jo In Sung and director Kim Kyu Tae of drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows” attended a press gathering at a cafe in Apgujeong, Seoul.

On that day, Jo In Sung was full of praise for his acting partner, “Our director is the first to watch Song Hye Gyo film her scenes, and I always catch him full of marvel and admiration for her. To be able to work with a top actress like Song Hye Gyo is such an honor. If you thought my acting was great, I’d tell you it’s because of Song Hye Gyo that it even turned out that way.”

Song Hye Gyo complimented Jo In Sung in return, saying, “Since there many emotionally-charged scenes I share with Jo In Sung, it can be difficult at times. Sometimes I have to express emotions that stem from my condition and other times it can take a lot of time to get the scene right. I’m just thankful for Jo In Sung being patient with me and matching my pace whenever it gets hard. It’s a shame I can’t meet Jo In Sung’s gaze while acting as a blind individual. But since Jo In Sung is so great at expressing his emotions while in character, I become immersed in the scene while listening to his voice.”

She continued, “I later monitor our scene at home on television, and I too find myself falling for Oh Soo’s charismatic character.I would definitely say I have ‘Oh Soo fever.’ I often fantasize and wonder if such a guy might exist in real life and always look forward to working with Jo In Sung on set.”