Park Min Young, Kim Yu Mi And Yoo Ara Scrutinized For “Looking Like Triplets”

A recent post titled “Female Celebrity Triplets??” has become a hot topic of interest on internet forums for containing images of actress Park Min Young, former Miss Korea Kim Yu Mi and Hello Venus‘ Yoo Ara and their former childhood photos. 

The three female celebrities looked comparatively different from their past childhood photos, which is nothing to exactly bat an eyelash at in the entertainment biz, but instead netizens found it fascinating that these women all looked related in both their past and present photos. 

The post surprised many netizens who commented, “I thought for a second that they were all the same person”, “Maybe…they went to go see the same plastic surgeon…?”, “If they told me they were sisters in the past and now in the present, I’d believe them” and “Regardless of their past, they’ve transformed into beautiful goddesses now.”