Will Girl’s Day Give Out Free Hugs If They Reach #1?

After releasing their first album “Expectation” two years and eight months since their debut, Girl’s Day revealed their hopes of reaching number one on the music charts.

In an interview with eNEWS after their “M!Countdown” comeback stage, the girls were asked if they had any ideas what they would do if they reached number one. The interviewer suggested, “What if you did a free hug event in Myeongdong?”

When the members hesitated before answering the interview continued, “Too common? Please let us know if you have any ideas that are more interesting.”

The members replied, “Honestly, reaching number seems like a dream right now. However, we will think about what we can do during ‘Expectations’.”

On the day of their comeback Girl’s Day performed “Don’t Believe Her” and “Expectations.” Also members Sojin, Mina, and Haeri were the special MCs for the show.