Se7en Looks Determined as He Shaves His Head Himself

Recently on March 17, singer Se7en released two photos of himself on his Instagram account.

In the first picture is Se7en with his full head of hair. In the second photo, however, is Se7en shaving his own head. In a simple white shirt, he is gazing at the camera with a determined yet rebellious expression on his face. As he cuts his own hair in preparation for his upcoming enlistment, Se7en looks strong and manly in this picture.

Se7en has made his debut on March 8, 2003 and has had a huge success as a solo singer. In addition, he is currently enrolled in the sports management program at Kookmin University and is also a CEO of a successful chicken restaurant.

Meanwhile, Se7en is to enter Uijoungbu 306 Reserve Battalion on March 19, 2013, and he will be serving 21 months.