f(x)’s Victoria Surprises Sulli With Her Unusual Sense of Humor

Recently on various online community bulletin boards, captures of a video were uploaded under the title, “Please tie my hair.”

In the pictures are group f(x)’s Victoria and Sulli. When Sulli asks Victoria to tie her hair as she hands her a pink ribbon, instead of working with Sulli’s hair, Victoria ties the ribbon around Sulli’s face. When she realizes what Victoria has done, Sulli turns around to look at Victoria with a confused expression. Victoria, however, appears to be unconcerned as she continues to play with the ribbon with a smile on her face.

Fans that saw these pictures commented, “Victoria is so adorably odd,” “Sulli looks so pretty when she has a confused expression,” “Perhaps Victoria misunderstood since Korean is not her first language?”

(press play on the top right of the image)