Lunafly Releases Funky Photo Teaser for First Full Album

Looks like the wait is almost over for Lunafly fans!

On March 18, the three-member group Lunafly (consisting of Teo, Sam, Yun)  released its first group photo teaser through its homepage and various social networking sites. The first studio album “Fly To Love” will be released on April 3 and the members will commemorate the event by putting on a free mini live concert with the fans.

At first glance, the released teaser gives off a vibrant and funky vibe- a 180 degree change from their image as musicians focused on the acoustic style. The background looks vintage punk with the various layers and strategic use of neon pink. The members are carefree and dorky and the band’s logo also got funkified to cement the new mood.

Lunafly has been steadily building its fanbase abroad through a world tour even before a debut in Korea. Many fans have come to love the members for their down-to-earth personality and music style that’s a breath of fresh air compared to the common trends of K-Pop. They’ve already dropped by Soompi HQ a couple times for exclusive interviews. You can check them out here and here.

Meanwhile, Lunafly is planning to hold showcases and fan meetings in Indonesia on March 28, Malaysia on March 30 and Singapore on May 12.