NU’EST to Participate in Marathon with Fans

Wow! This is exciting news for NU’EST fans! It looks as though the awesome group will be running in a 5km marathon that fans can join as well!

On April 7 at 9am, “Sports Seoul Media” will be holding a 5km team race. NU’EST will participate in the race with fans. After registering, 20 lucky fans will have the chance to become one team with the celebrity of their choice. The 20 people will be picked according to whoever registered first. Besides NU’EST, Kwak Seung Joon, Kwak Hyun Hwa, Yoon Dong Shik, and Lee Soo Jeong will also participate in the 5km team race.

There will be other races on April 7. This includes a 21km challenge race, a 10km speed race, a 5km fun race, and a 10km race for couples.

More information on how to register can be found on the official homepage: