Kwanghee Messes Up During Live Broadcast and Gets Flustered

ZE:A’s Kwanghee made a few mistakes on air and was flustered.

On March 17, he was emceeing for SBS’s music program “Inkigayo” and was in the middle of listing the songs that were ranked 20th to 11th for the past week.

Kwanghee was doing well until he mistakenly introduced CNBlue’s song “I’m Sorry” as 16th place instead of 12th. He quickly caught his mistake and corrected himself, but Kwanghee seemed flustered and that was all it took for him to falter with his following scripted comments.

While trying to inform the fans how they can vote for their favorite artists, he messes up several times and says, “Oh, what do I do?” and is greeted with encouraging cheers from the fans at the broadcasting station.

After the mess, he cutely ended with the closing remarks, “This has been Kwanghee in charge of the Inkigayo charts. I apologize.”

Meanwhile, SHINee placed first with its latest title track “Dream Girls.” Kanghee congratulated the members of the group for their achievement through his twitter.