G.NA Worries Fans With Banged Up Knees Due To Brutal Choreography

Singer G.NA recently revealed how unforgiving her choreography was on her knees in her latest twitter post.

On March 18, she tweeted a proof shot of her knees with the caption, “This photo was taken while I was filming the music video for ‘Oops. As you can tell, my knees are in terrible shape due to the nature of the choreography. My poor knees! But since the music video turned out great, it all worked out in the end!”

The photo reveals G.NA managing a brave smile despite her worrisome knees that are covered in purple bruises.

Netizens who saw the picture reached out in sympathy saying, “G.NA, it’s great that you give everything to your choreography, but it’s not worthy hurting yourself”, “I still find it sexy your knees sexy as ever” and “No matter what you do, I think you’re always sexy.”

 On March 14, G.NA released her album “Beautiful Kisses” with title track “Oops” and is currently busy with promotional activities for them. 

 Check out her most recent performance of the song from Inkigayo this past weekend.