PSY Gives More Details about Upcoming Single

International star PSY recently mentioned the theme of his upcoming track from his newest world-wide album pending release sometime in April. 

On March 18, PSY gave his me2day account the following update, “Among the two tracks I have been considering for release, what was formerly known as ‘Assarabeeya!’ will be changed in theme and lyrics. The other track might be released as a separate single later on. Once everything is settled, I will be sure to drop a teaser or spoiler of some sort!”

On March 17, PSY arrived in Malaysia for his solo concert while fine-tuning details for his newest solo track. On that day, PSY told news reporters at the airport that he planned to release his new song next month and hinted that it will be similar to the style of “Gangnam Style” but carry a different feel altogether.

PSY plans to hold his solo concert “Happening” on April 13 in the Seoul World Cup Stadium, the first he’s put on ever since the “Gangnam Syndrome” took hold over the globe. Korean fans will be happy to know that the newest single will be available to them one day in advance on before it is released worldwide.

PSY recently wrapped up his tour for “Gangnam Style” and released this statement, “Korea, the United States, Australia, France, England, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines and even Turkey in 9 months! It feels like it was all a dream!” 

Who’s ready for PSY’s comeback?