Infinite Releases Comeback Teasers for L and Hoya

With only two more days last until Infinite‘s comeback on March 21, two more “Man In Love” teasers have been revealed.

Yesterday’s teaser featured Hoya, who is shopping for a gift. After having some difficulty, he chooses a necklace to give a girl he loves.

L‘s teaser has him at a college campus, Infinite University. He seems to be looking forward to meeting someone after class as he keeps on smiling at his phone and even day dreams while in class.

With only one member remaining, we know that tomorrow’s teaser will feature leader Seungkyu! What do you think his concept will be?

D-2 Teaser L

D-3 Teaser Hoya

D-4 Seungyeol Teaser

D-5 Woohyun Teaser

D-6 Dongwoo Teaser

D-7 Sungjong Teaser

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