Suzy’s Photoshoot from CeCi’s April Edition Unleashed!

Feast your eyes on all these beautiful pictures of miss A’s Suzy! We posted the teaser photo for Suzy’s photoshoot that was released on March 14. If you did not get a chance to read that article, Suzy will be making the cover of the April edition of Ceci magazine! Finally, more pictures from the photoshoot for the April edition of Ceci magazine were revealed! These priceless pictures were revealed on March 19.

In the pictures, Suzy shows off her signature innocence and mysterious beauty. A representative of the photoshoot stated, “This April edition photoshoot was done with Suzy who goes beyond pureness and sexiness. Suzy looked like a spring flower in bloom when she was surrounded by flowers.”

Suzy said in the interview for the photoshoot, “I have only shown 3% of myself. I want to slowly do projects that fit my age.” You will get a chance to see Suzy’s complete photoshoot and her full interview in the April edition of Ceci magazine.