Rain Is Caught Up in a $2 Million Lawsuit

Oh no! The megastar Rain is currently caught up in a lawsuit for nearly $2 million! An investor filed the lawsuit against him and his claim is quite astounding!

On March 18, it was revealed that the investor “Lee” is claiming that he lost his investment after being sweet-talked to invest. Back in January 2008, the director “Kang” of Jtune Creative approached the investor “Lee.” The director “Kang” suggested that “Lee” should trust in Rain’s popularity and invest in a new fashion company that they were planning. That is how “Lee” ended up joining in the “paid-in capital increase” and invested $2 million.

“Lee” is claiming that Jtune Creative does not have the stated capital stock of $5 million. He also claims that Rain has no interest in running the company and it is merely a shell. “Lee” claims that Rain is merely interested in selling his holdings.

“Lee” claims that the $5 million in capital stock was taken out by Rain as payment for modeling, when he did not actually have any modeling activities. It was also taken out for other personal expenses.

“Lee” stated, “Rain tricked me into contributing $2 million. Then before the fashion company began he took out 50% of the capital stock as payment for modeling. I was tricked by the sweet-talk into investing and now I cannot even get the money back.”