SHINee’s Onew Under Fire for Giving the Finger + SM Entertainment’s Official Statement

SHINee’s leader is in deep trouble because of his latest action.

On March 19, an online community bulletin posted several screen captures under the title “SHINee’s Onew Giving the Finger.” Still promoting their latest title track “Dream Girl,” the members of SHINee appeared as special guests on MBC’s radio program “Younha’s Starry Night” on March 18.

The radio program was playing a song so the DJ, staff and the members were relaxed and their sounds were muted. It was around this time when someone flicked his finger on the lower left corner of the screen. Many Netizens were quick to tell that the shirt matched Onew’s and were met with mixed reactions. Fans were protective and said his action was okay while other civilians commented that it was thoughtless for an idol who has been in the industry for a while with so many fans.

Not long afterwards, SM Entertainment released a statement regarding the situation.

An official from the agency shared through a phone interview, “Before the program started, the members were fooling around and the problematic scene was captured on camera. He had no ill intentions and was just playing around so he’s flustered [about the public’s reaction.]”

The official continued, “Onew is deeply regretful of his action and promises he will not repeat it again. Since it was unintentional, we hope that this matter will stop spreading.”