[Ceci] Style Idea: Lee Da Hae and Song Hye Gyo

The Answer to the “White Look”

The reason why spring is so welcomed is because one can find joy in not using dull and dark colored material. Thus, spring and summer collections are always bright and gorgeous. However, rather than picking from one of the many possible hues from the color palette to represent spring, this upcoming season opts to have white as its representative color. The romantic white look will be the trend and one can easily look beautiful and feminine by mix-matching an outfit with see-through, sequins and lace apparels.

Lets look at Lee Da Hae’s style for reference. She wore a see-through blouse with lace and matched it with a skirt giving off a romantic and sexy vibe. She looks neat and elegant with a slicked back ponytail.

On the other hand, Song Hye Gyo’s white look is cheerful and lively. She wore a beautiful see-through sequined top and matched it with pleated shorts that could easily pass off as a miniskirt. She gave her look a girlish flair with white tassel earrings.

Even though their outfits give off different vibes, they have one thing in common. Both wore a see-through item, which is very feminine because it shows some skin, but in a classy way. Rather than being blatantly sensual by showing a lot of skin, it’s better to balance sexy with innocent charms by layering white-colored outfits and indirectly showing the skin. This is this season’s answer- the white look.

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