4minute Reveals Cute Cotton Candy Photoshoot for Nylon

Aren’t they just adorable? 4minute transformed into lovely girls for an April edition photoshoot of Nylon magazine (NY + London Fashion Magazine). In the revealed photoshoot pictures, 4minute can be seen looking sweeter than ever. It looks as though they are ready for springtime and they look so cute!

4minute is currently preparing for their big comeback and they stated, “Regardless of the direction that K-Pop is heading, we are very happy with the way things are going. Every year we get to release an album and we get to perform. The moment we perform is probably when we look our prettiest. You should anticipate this upcoming album as well. Since we have all become adults, we are prettier and will change.”

The full photoshoot and interview will be revealed in the April edition of Nylon. It will also be available on YouTube Nylon TV. Meanwhile, 4minute is slated to have their comeback in the first half of 2013. So stay tuned to Soompi.com for more 4minute news!